10 Ways You Could Save Money On Your Electric Bill In Spain

Paying for a high electric bill in Spain is what many people don’t enjoy. Living in Spain can be very tricky especially when you discover the bills are rising on a monthly basis. If you really don’t know what to do and you must use electricity, then here are ways to save money on your electric bill in Spain.

1. The efficiency of your electronic devices.

Every time you buy any kitchen appliance, ensure that the energy rating has a good efficiency letter, B is good but A is best. Using those with a low rating will consume a lot more energy and increase your monthly bill.

2. Use automatic switches and energy saving bulbs.

If you leave a lot of your lights on then this is really using a lot of your energy. By investing in an automatic lighting system, you will be able to save a lot of energy. Also using energy saving bulbs help to reduce the energy consumed and consume low watts which can help to reduce
the increase in electric bill Spain.

3. Go for smaller appliances.

Before you buy an appliance you should calculate the size of your household and ensure that when you buy any appliances, it
will be effective for your home usage. There is no point buying a bigger appliance that consumes more energy if you just need a small one. Always load them as recommended to avoid wastage of energy.

4. Install solar panels.

There are so many homes in Spain that use solar panels as an alternative source of energy. It`s not that complicated or expensive to install this in your home and you will be able to heat your water without relying on electricity thus lowering your monthly bill.

5. Change your plan to night rate.

Electricity suppliers in Spain offer a cheaper nighttime rate for those who consume most of the energy through the night. You can use this time to do your heavy work that consumes much energy. 10pm-6am is the usual night time hours that you get a cheaper rate.

6. Clean your home appliances.

Impurities in your appliances make it harder for your water to heat. By ensuring they are clean, you can always save on energy cost.

7. Use a fireplace.

It gets very cold during winter in Spain and it consumes a lot of energy to run heating devices to keep your home warm. If your property has a fireplace then burning logs can be a cheaper alternative to heat your property.

8. Close or open your doors and windows.

The secret of minimizing energy usage in Spain is to keep your door closed during winter and to keep it open during summer. This ensures that your device does not run for too long to cool or to warm the room

9. Get quotes from other energy suppliers.

When you discover that your electric bill Spain is rising every month, then you can always check for other energy suppliers. Different energy suppliers exist in Spain and they have different billing option, so take your time and explore your options.

10. Make improvement in your insulation.

Finally, it may be a good option to improve the ventilation and insulation in your home to avoid the heat or cold air getting in or out of your property.