About Me – Chris Hughes

I have been designing and building websites for over ten years and have built up a good relation with my clients. I love a challenge and enjoy it when clients come up with something new and bold which pushes my skills to the limits.

I am from Cardiff, Wales but currently based in Torrevieja, Spain. I just couldn’t hack the wet and cold British weather. I did try living in Brazil for a few years but ended up settling in Spain. (I just love it here)

Love traveling and exploring new places and as along as I have my family close by, laptop in hand and a coffee in the other I am always happy. 🙂

I also specialize in online marketing and have built up a system that gets great results fast and at a low cost. Give me a call or an email and together we can create something amazing.

Random Facts About me

Jedi Knight in my spare time.

Married to Princess Leia.

Loves watching movies (Especially Star Wars).

Addicted to Call Of Duty Infinity Warfare.

Loves to party.

Enjoys meeting new people.

Loves fast cars and tinkering with them.

Best of all I have a job I love.