Find Out The Jobs Vacancies Available in Coca-Cola Company

One of the largest multinationals companies in the world are opening their doors and are looking for qualified professionals to join the staff.

Here we will talk about the Coca-Cola job vacancies and how to be part of the team in one of the most famous companies in the world.

About the company

The Coca-Cola Company is responsible for manufacturing the world’s best known soft drinks, such as: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and more. In addition to the famous Coca-Cola drink, the Company currently offers more than 500 brands in nearly 200 countries.

In addition to the production of beverages, the brand produces products for consumers such as clothing, shoes, accessories and much more. This makes it one of the biggest and most successful brands in the world.

Coca-Cola job openings are available for a variety of areas. That’s because the company has steadily grown in the market. Check below some of the positions that are available in the company at the present time:

*Truck driver
*Sales promoter
*Brand Manager
*Trade Representative
*Operational helper
*Forklift Operator
and lots more…

How To Apply For A Job In Coca-Cola

To work at Coca-Cola it is necessary to be seen by the company. In this way, the company must see the candidate’s curriculum. This is the only way to be hired by the company. You will need to deliver your printed curriculum to the company’s physical establishment or you can also pass it on through the company’s official website.

See the next topic on how to perform the second option.

Submit Your Curriculum to Coca-Cola

Many companies now choose to submit their curriculum online. This is because it offers practicality for the candidate and the company, it can be sent easily from the comfort of your own home or office. This way of sending makes the data of the candidate stay stored for longer, making it easily more available for selection.

See below how to complete the process:

Resume Tip

  • Size: No more than one page
  • Selling message where you describe briefly what you are looking for (include areas of interest) & what you offer (include areas ,years of expertise, strengths).
  • Background:
    • last formal education, dates & degree.
    • labor experience:   Company, position, period of time, functions, accomplishments.
    • Proficient skills , competencies mastered
    • Strengths or developed skills
    • Languages.

Coca Cola Wages

So now the big question, what sort of money can you expect to earn at Coca Cola? The average salary ranges from approximately £13,000 per year for Sales Trainee to £69,749 per year for Senior Operations Manager. Average Coca Cola European Partners hourly pay ranges from approximately £8.28 per hour for Grocery Associate to £8.49 per hour for Merchandiser.

Of course one of the many perks of being an employee of Coca Cola is that you get free soft drinks during your working hours.

You can find the full list of currently available jobs at Coca Cola here along with the application forms needed to apply for a job at this soft drink company.

Good Luck!