How To Apply For a Barclaycard

Barclays has its origins from two goldsmith bankers, Thomas Gould, and John Freame. These two were businessmen in London in 1690 in Lombard Street. In 1736 Joseph Freame’s son took James Barclay his brother in law as his partner hence the business was named after him and the name has remained ever since.

Before you apply for a Barclaycard there are some things that you will have to confirm such as:

*Are you over 18 years old
*Do You earn over 3`000 pounds annually
*Are you employed
*Have you been bankrupt in the past six years
*Have you had one or more County Court Judgments in the past 6 years

How do you apply for a Barclaycard?

You can easily apply for a Barclaycard online by following the three steps, you just have to fill in your personal details, your current address and addresses for the last five years and you’ll also have to inform the bank how you plan to use your new Barclaycard.

Once you are approved for a Barclaycard, there are 3 different credit cards that are available and you can choose the one that’ll suit you the best. You can apply in three easy steps online. You should receive your new Barclaycard within five working days.

What are the benefits of a Barclaycard?

There are many great features included in your Barclay account. From installment plans to help you spread the cost to handy alerts, you can start reaping the rewards right away.

You can easily borrow money using a credit card conveniently and in a flexible manner. It’ll also help you to purchase things that you can pay at a later date or in installments. Prior to taking a credit card, it’s vital to be conversant with the future costs that you may incur.

Also, it’s good and very important that you borrow an amount that you’ll be able to pay back.

If you’re not sure whether to take a Barclaycard or not, then just check the benefits below and you maybe convinced.

You can withdraw cash from the bank without paying any interest.
If you’ll take money from the bank and remit it on time, it’ll help you create a positive credit history.
There are guides on how to wisely spend your money.
You can transfer money from your account to another without paying any interest or fees.
In case you’ve got an emergency, the Barclaycard staff will help you sort it out easily and quickly.

Even with all the above benefits, it’s good that you consider a few other things like:

Before you apply for the credit card, you should ask yourself if you can afford the charges that will come
with taking money from the bank.

If you pay late on your credit card bill, you will be penalized and this might affect your credit rating negatively which may lead to being denied credit in the future. So use your card responsibly.

Click here to apply for your barclaycard today and start benefiting from all this credit card has to offer.