How to Apply For A Job At Apple United Kingdom


Three men: Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak are the principal founders of Apple. The tech company began with the aim of selling their Apple 1 computers. Five years down the line the company had developed its Operation system, the Macintosh. It was a revolution in the computer industry.

Apple evolved giving users different devices form personal computers to kindles for kids. Their operating systems also became more user-friendly over time. Currently, the main focus of Apple is presently mobile devices. Both their smartphones and tablets are the key revenue stream for the company.


Apple usually has job openings posted on their websites. The greatest challenge is generally beating the thousands of applicants to get the job. The company can take their potential candidates through dozens of interviews. So what can you do to land one of the Apple jobs?

– Find A Vacancy.
The first thing while applying for a job in this IT heavyweight is looking for a suitable job advert. The can be for full-time positions or jobs that need special skills. You can check their website at anytime to see the job adverts.

However, Apple recruits most of their workers via agencies who can conduct rigorous interviews. But don`t let that put you off, they also, post their job adverts on social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

In LinkedIn, they actually search for candidates who meet their needs and send them an invitation for recruitment. Its always good to keep your social media active. If you know your qualifications meet the required standards of the company, you can check the company’s code of conduct to see if you can meet their standards. Apple demands high technical capability and good work ethics.

– Application Process.
An applicant should be clear about their qualifications and what makes them fit in the specified role. Highlight all the relevant job skills in your CV. Ensure your CV format is appealing and well organised. Once you sent your CV, their systems will suggest whether your application is relevant to the particular post applied.

– Interview.
After the application and screening process, you should be ready for the intense interview sessions. You may receive phone calls to ascertain if you have the technical capability required. The job interview is severe and may involve your hands-on skills and abilities. It is usually the toughest part of the whole process.


Being an employee at Apple comes with a lot of benefits. This tech giant company has a Glassdoor rating of 4.5/5 in terms of how they treat their employees. Some of the benefits you can gain from being a worker include:

– If you are an Apple employee and planning to purchase an iPhone or an iPad, Apple gives its employees a 25% off annual discount. If you are purchasing Apple software, you can get a 50% off as a perk.

– During their beer bashes, employees enjoy free appetizers and beers. You can also interact with your favourite music celebrities during such events.

– Mothers working for Apple can make use of the paid leave totaling to 18 weeks. This duration covers for four weeks before birth and 14 weeks after delivery. Any other employee who is not a parent can get six weeks of paid leave.

– Employees under Apple can get gym perks of up to $300 annually to help them stay fit.

So if you are planning on applying then we wish you the best of luck.

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