How to Apply for a Job at Burger King in the United Kingdom

Burger King is one of the largest fast food restaurants in the world. The chain is known and loved for it’s signature hamburgers and because of large number of Burger King restaurants in the United Kingdom they are constantly looking for new employees.

Brief History Of Burger King

The restaurant chain is owned by the Burger King Corporation which reportedly started operations in 1953. The Chain originated in the United States of America and its headquarters are located in Miami, Florida. Its first chain outside of mainland United States was opened in Puerto Rico in 1963. Four years later in 1967, the first Burger King restaurant opened in the United Kingdom in London.

By 2018, there were over 500 branches of Burger King in the UK and more than 17,796 Burger King restaurants in total spread over 100 countries and territories worldwide. Almost of these 17`796 restaurants are located int the United States.

How To Apply For a Job At Burger King

If you wish to work for Burger King UK, then the easiest way to make an application is just a click away. You can actually apply for a job in the this fast food chain by applying on their official website or visiting on of your local restaurant and inquire if there are any positions available.

The Burger King website lists all open job positions and the restaurants at which they are available, so that you can apply for a job at your desired location and the position that suits you best.

When you apply you need to fill out your personal details and the application platform also allows you to upload your Curriculum Vitae. You then have to answer a number of questions touching on your availability, your knowledge of the restaurant’s location and a little on why you want to work for Burger King.

Once you have finished you have to submit the form for processing and shortly after you will receive a reply. The whole application process is simple and straight forward. If accepted you will be called in for an interview with the restaurant manager.

Benefits Of working At Burger King

Working at Burger King has several advantages. It has flexible work schedules that allow employees to work when it is convenient for them. Even at the point of applying for the job, one has a choice between full time and part time employment. This allows employees to work and take care of other aspects of their lives as well. Additionally, employees at Burger King enjoy a comfortable discount on any meal they wish to have from the restaurant and they are also entitled to a free lunch during working hours.

Even though working in a fast food restaurant can be fast paced and exhausting at times employees receive plenty of rest breaks to allow workers to rest while at work.

So what are you waiting for, if you think this job would be perfect for you then apply now.

Good Luck

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