How to Apply for a Job at Burger King

Burger King Corporation is a restaurant company that is famous for their flame-grilled hamburgers. It was started in 1954 by James McLamore and David Edgerton in Miami, Florida.

However, in 1959, the two founders sold their first franchise and Burger King has since grown to an incredible 14,000 stores in over 100 countries around the globe.

The company has had many set backs and was forced to sell up numerous times through the years until it merged with Tom Hortons, a donut and fast food chain back in 2014 and then grew into the fast food chain we all recognize today.

Their signature product is currently the Whopper which is a huge hamburger with a flame grilled burger, salad and sauces.

Benefits of working for Burger King

While working at Burger King might not be your dream job, it is a perfect place to kick off your career and gain experience working as a team. The restaurant chain has very flexible schedules for students who want to work part time and there is plenty of work when you are on duty.

However, what most employees like is the friendly environment where you feel loved and appreciated by your co-workers and the management. The free lunches and discounted food comes in handy as well and you can learn a lot from working in such a fast paced environment.

For casual workers, there are no medical or pension benefits but you will enjoy a safe working environment and make
plenty of friends.

How to apply for a job at Burger King

There are two ways to apply for a job at Burger King. Firstly, you can download an application form online,
fill it in and send it back to the specific branch you are applying for. Alternatively, and this is the best way, you can go pick an application form from the outlet, fill it honestly and return it to the manager there and then. You can also include your resume though it’s not mandatory but helps just to show you are professional and sincere for the position.

In your resume, let your contact details be on top and clear. You should also highlight your relevant experiences if you have any. In case you have never worked in a fast food restaurant before, let your customer service and desire to work in a restaurant shine in your resume.

Attach the application form to the resume and deliver them to the manager. In most cases, you will be called
within a few hours or days for an interview. Assuming you manage to wow the manager, you will be hired and given your schedule the same day.

Burger king only hires people who are above 16 years of age. You have to be fast on your feet, easy to work
with and able to multi-task because at certain times of the day the outlet is very busy.

Being friendly and respectful to customers is non-negotiable, you have to work with a smile on your face.

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