How To Apply For A Job At Cadbury Factory

Cadbury which used to be named Cadbury’s and Cadbury Schweppes, is an international production company which is controlled and owned by the Mondelez international that was formerly named crafts food in the year 2010.

After Mars, it is the largest confectionery brand in the world. The headquarters is located at the Uxbridge in London and it has various branches in more than forty nations around the globe.

Brief History Of Cadbury

In 1824, John Cadbury began the selling of cocoa and chocolate which he ground by hand. He then he switched to the production of varieties of Cocoa and drinks which he promoted as health drinks. John only started selling solid eating chocolate years later as a way for the company to utilize the cocoa butter left over from the cocoa-making process.

Year in year out, the company grew to the enormous chocolate factory that it is today. Even though Cadbury is based in Britain their delicious chocolates can be found in numerous countries across the globe which includes Thailand, Argentina, Egypt, Canada, Saudi Arabia and many more.

It is no exaggeration that having a job in a company like that is one of the best things that could happen to someone as a job seeker.

How to apply for a job position at the Cadbury factory

There are various departments in the Cadbury Company that are always looking to recruit new employees. The one job position which people really crave for is the chocolate taster, the lucky person who is picked for this job gets to taste the company`s chocolate products and drinks and is required to give honest feedback.

But there many other positions available that might also interest you such as delivery drivers, packers, management and much more.

There are many ways you can apply for a job at Cadury but the most common and easiest way is the through their online application. They regularly post available positions and you can apply there and then. You can choose from a list of jobs that are available all over the globe.

Before you apply for a job position you have to make sure you meet the criteria the company is looking for, for instance when the company wants to hire chocolate tasters, everybody can taste chocolates but the person must have exceptional taste buds for analyzing the many flavours, a passion for confections and must be someone who can speak English fluently.

Once you have sent off your application they will get back to you shortly after with an answer and possibly call you in for an interview interview.

Benefits of working for Cadbury

If you get hired by the company, there are many benefits you would be entitled to such as; buying chocolates at discount, great working facilities and conditions, good working environment, good payment, extra shifts guaranteed, free food, free transportation, available lunch, dinner and much more.

So if you are planning to apply for a job at Cadbury then we wish you good luck.

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