How To Apply For a Job At Carrefour In Spain

Are you thinking in applying for a quality job in Spain? Then look not further than Carrefour, one of the largest hypermarket companies in the world.

As a multinational company, Carrefour has locations in over 30 countries and its main headquarter is located in Paris, France. The company has stores in Europe, America, Asia, South America and Africa.

Its founders were Dennis Deffourey, Jaques Deffourey and Marcel Fournier, who founded their first store near a crossroads in 1958, within suburban Annecy. It was not long before it turned in to a large chain of supermarkets. The business grew strong and in 1963 they opened the first hypermarket in Europe near Paris.

Carrefour was also a pioneer in developing a their own label for products like biscuits, cooking oils, pasta and milk which were sold in unbranded packages for a low price.

How To Apply For a Job At Carrefour

The best way to apply is via Carrefour`s website. They will first ask for some basic information such as your first name, surname and email address. You will have to enter your email address twice in order to get to the next step.

After that, the website will ask for your phone number, NIF or NIE number, that are ID numbers for people who work or live in Spain. Once you have completed the information, the website will ask you to state your previous work experience, your academic career and the job you are applying for.

Next you will have to complete a test that will be run on the website. Make sure you have 10 minutes of your time and a steady internet connection.

If they approve your application and feel your skills would be perfect for the job, they will contact you either by phone or by email to schedule a personal interview.

Benefits of Working For Carrefour

There are lots of benefits in working for Carrefour. You will have discounts in great stores and special prices. They also provide benefits in traveling, with cheaper trains and flights, 6% discount on your vacations and 20 euros as a gift for your flight or hotel.

Also they have great financial benefits for employees, you can get an exclusive loan, finance for your purchase and insurances for a home, car and life at an exceptional price.

Of course, Carrefour ensures the best training for all of their employees, with agreements with the best universities and business schools to professionalize their staff. That ensures the growing inside the company. This is an opportunity to be part of this world renown company, so take the step and be confident about your skills and apply.

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