How To Apply For A Job At Costco In America

Costco, known in full as Costco Wholesale Corporation, is an American multinational corporation that operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. It was founded on July 12, 1976, initially as a price club by James Sinegal and Jeffery Brotman.

Costco headquarters are in Issaquah, Washington, United States. Costco services are not in one geographical region because they serve in areas like Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Australia, and many others.

Services offered by Costco include; Merchandise, Warehouse club and Cash and carry. As of 2018, Costco had 245,000 number of employee.

How to you apply for a job at Costco.

Brief Job application information

Costco mostly uses the approach of filling out and submitting an online job application. The minimum age required for you to secure a position at Costco is 18 years. Before applying it is worth noting the hours of operation at Costco, From Monday to Friday (weekdays) Costco is open from 10 am to 8.30pm, and over the weekend Saturday Costco opens at 9.30am until 6.00pm, and on Sunday 10 am to 6.00pm.

How to apply.

First, you need to visit Costco’s career center page to search for an open vacancy. Then you enter your location by choosing your city or state. Alternatively, you can look for jobs available by clicking the all available jobs button at the top of the screen. You should choose a job position that best suites your skill level and that is within a reasonable distance for you to travel.

To apply for a job, you need to click on the job title where it takes you to the job page which contains more information about the situation and the requirements needed. If you think you are a suitable candidate for the position your interested in then click the apply button which takes you to a page where you will need to first create an account.

From here, the next step is to fill out any disclosure applicable to the position. The second phase is where you fill in your personal information, including your willingness to have a credit and background check. Costco will check your background before continuing with the application.

Next step you will be asked about your previous employment and will need to give locations, dates and details. Criminal checks will be conducted to see if you are permitted work in the said country. There is also the question of flexibility where you are asked to fill in the time most convenient to you.

Finally the last sections require you to fill out your educational background, information about your skills, work history and preferences. After you have keyed in your information following all those steps you now complete the application by going to sign and submit your application.

Benefits of working for Costco

Wages are competitive according to the employees who are happy and satisfied. Costco is also well known for offering room of advancement to the employees. Costco employees say that the work environment is impressive, and the management is supportive and understanding.

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