How To Apply For A Job At EasyJet

Breaking into the air industry guarantees a competitive and dynamic career. Choosing which airline to start with can be tough. As far as airlines go, easyJet is recognizable, reliable and safe.

Whether you want to work on the ground or 40,000 feet up in the air, easyJet has more flights departing daily than any other European company.

In 1995, businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou laid the foundations for easyJet with two aircraft and two routes. What began as simple flights between London and Scotland, now encompasses 136 destinations. Based at London Luton airport since it’s inception, easyJet has remained a British owned company. They are the second largest airline company in Europe and currently have 331 aircraft. The fleet can carry between 156 and 235 passengers per flight and have been specifically designed to have smaller galleys so they could squeeze extra seats in. Due to the extra passengers the aircraft have to have two pairs of overwing exits for safety, instead of the standard one-pair configuration found on most aircraft.

How To Apply For A Job At Easyjet

In order to apply to work at easyJet in the United Kingdom, you must take a few steps.

First start by narrowing down your options. When we think of an airline job, we imagine the pilots and cabin crew but there are many job positions you can apply for at Easyjet. They have opportunities for Human Resources, IT,
Communications, Customer service, Product & Sales, engineering and lots more. They also offer apprenticeships for those who are fresh out of education or looking for a change in career.

Commercial pilots must undergo rigorous training in order to obtain a licence. To join the easyJet fleet, you must also pass an easyJet Pilot Recruitment Process.

Similarly, if delivering incredible customer service is your goal, easyJet run their own Cabin Crew Recruitment Process. If constantly being up in the air isn’t for you. There are 100s of jobs available on the ground.

Join their IT and digital team, utilising mobile technology to help deliver unbeatable customer service. Work within Human Resources and help manage a staff consisting of 14,000 employees.

Opportunities for public relations, marketing and communications are aplenty, as well as finance and sales positions.

Working for an airline means long, demanding schedules. Thankfully, easyJet offers many benefits and rewards. asyJet encourages career progression and provides on the job training to help you sharpen your skills. Staff are offered heavily reduced air fares, discounts on hotels and car hire and automatically become easyJet Plus rewards members. Meaning, staff can enjoy allocated seating and speedy boarding on each flight.

Many more positions are available within the company. From engineers all the way up to management. No matter your background or level of experience, there is a way to get your foot through the door with easyJet.

Visit to browse current job opportunities and apply online.

In order to work in the United Kingdom, you must be eligible. If you are not a British citizen, a European Economic Area citizen or a Swiss national you might need to apply for a visa or a work permit.