How To Apply For A Job At Iceland In Spain

Many of the people in Spain desire working in Iceland. However, some people succeed while others fail to get opportunities.

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail to succeed depends on the procedures one goes about when applying for a job at Iceland. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to apply for the job so that you should not fail to meet your workplace dream.

Looking at the history of Iceland, went through the economic depression where its
economy went down, but now is one of the countries with a stable economy with 5% level of unemployment.

Procedures for applying and sustaining the job in Iceland

Applying for the job is always better when someone knows first the jobs which are not mostly preferred by
the natives or the employees in that particular country. For example, the employees in Iceland are less
interested in restaurant and tourism activities in the summer period, and also have limited interest in jobs like
horticulture and agriculture during some periods of the year amidst the benefit of these activities to the

However, you should put in mind having the requirements such as being able to speak at least four
international languages especially English which can ease the communication process between you and the
employers as well as the customers. In most cases, it is advised to use the personal number with which it will
help you open the bank account which sometimes takes time until you get a job in the Euros work scheme.

However, before doing all these it is important to first connect to the Spanish recruitment agencies which
could help you identify the relevant recruitment agencies in Iceland related to your city and industry and also
identifying the right and best consultants which can best connect you to the desired job. Furthermore, the
agencies help to assemble your profile which is sent to the recruiters for easy accessibility review and
employ you in the area you can best manage according to the available job opportunities.

Benefits of working for Iceland

In Iceland, you are able to work without a visa or work permit as long as you register as a resident of the
country according to any of the three categories such as workers filling temporary labour shortages, workers
with expert knowledge and those with talents. Furthermore, getting the job in Iceland you can be assured of
a good salary which is subjected to low taxes hence improving on your standards of living. Even though you
lose the job and you registered as a resident you can still get the unemployment benefits.


Working for Iceland has a lot of benefits which everyone would love to enjoy. However, people fail to
access these benefits due to limited knowledge of applying for the job in Iceland. You can definitely explore
exciting opportunities at your disposal