How to apply for a job at IKEA in the United Kingdom

Ikea is a multinational company which specializes in manufacturing and selling ready-to-assemble furniture.
Ikea was founded in 1943 as a Swedish group and has grown into the world’s biggest furniture retailer. They
operate out of more than 52 countries having close to 430 stores worldwide.

How to apply for a position in Ikea UK

Please find a detailed explanation of the application process for a job at Ikea UK –

1. To start the application process of applying to Ikea UK, please visit

2. Please select the region from the drop-down as United Kingdom – English (English Intl)

3. You can explore the various roles available at Ikea using this internal job search portal. Please type a
keyword such as sales, and select the appropriate designation from the drop-down.

4. Select the country as UK and the location as your preferred location from the dropdown.

5. Next you would have to select the work areas you would be interested in from the drop-down, the vacancy
language (your work language), whether you are looking for Full-Time, Part-Time or both options, and what
kind of job you are looking for (Permanent, Student Thesis, Internship, Summer Job or Temporary). Once
you have selected and input values into all the relevant fields, next click on SEARCH.

6. You will be able to see a list of job posts matching your criteria under the SEARCH RESULTS header

7. Select the job or jobs you are interested in and click on VIEW JOBS to see the detailed view of the same.

8. Once you find a job which is matching your skill set, click on View Job AD to take you to the job
advertisement page which will further detail the requirements and your responsibilities.

9. After carefully going through the details click on APPLY NOW.

10. On the page that follows, you will be required to register on their website.

11. Once registered, it will automatically take you to the details filling page for the job you selected.

12. You will be required to fill out all the necessary details on this page before moving on to the next.

3. This is the final page where you will be required to select your gender and your age range and submit
the application.

14. Please note that Ikea Talent team will carefully look through your application and respond to you via

Benefits of working at Ikea

1. You get to work in an organization which is driven by values and innovation at its heart. If you have a
passion for furniture or retail, there is no better company to hone your talents.

2. Ikea is one of the first companies to commit to a Real Living Wage. You will be paid according to the
basic cost of living in the UK.

3. You get to work in diversity driven work environment which focuses on inclusiveness thus giving the
workplace a feel of a family rather than workplace.

4. Their benefits package is sure to make the decision for you a lot easier. They provide you with a holidays
package, a pension scheme, subsidized food and drinks, staff discounts and much more.

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