How To Apply For A Job At Mercadona Spain

Mercadona is a family owned company that was started in 1977 by the Carnicas Roig group. Initially it started as butcheries that were run by the family and later it became a grocery store.

In Spain, it’s one of the top online shopping company and corporal supermarket. Mercadona’s main goal is to satisfy its customers with their personal care, food, pet care and household essentials.

Today, it comprises of 1,628 stores in Spain. Mercadona has 85,800 employees in Spain who are excellent in all they do so as to satisfy their customers better. In 2019, they’ve opened stores in Portugal and have 300 employees.

How do you apply for a job in Mercadona?

Mercadona is a corporal supermarket and an online shopping company. In 2019 from May to September, they are recruiting 9,000 extra employees whose main purpose is to enforce manpower during the summer season so as to guarantee satisfactory services to their customers in their 1600 plus stores that the company own in Spain during the vacation and guest season.

If you live in inland in areas such as Madrid, Leon and Castile you’ve a better chance to be hired. If you also reside in coastal areas of Spain such as Canary Islands, Murcia, Catalonia, Valencia and Andalusia you can be recruited easily because the new vacancies are classified over Spain.

If you’re new in Mercadona, you’ll be paid a gross salary of$ 1,328 per month. You don’t require having any experience because you’ll be trained specifically for your position.

What are the benefits of working for Mercadona?

Employment conditions of Mercadona are notable. It would provide you with quality and firm employment through top notch human resource model. This model would favor equity and promotion among others in all their staff. Below are the benefits that you will receice while working for Mercadona and they include:

You’re able to balance between work and life
When you give birth, Mercadona human resource management would extend your maternity leave by an extra month. You child will have the opportunity to school in Mercadona’s nursery school while you’re working.

You’re paid well
Normally Mercadona distributes its annual profits among its staff.

It has a good payment policy that will ensure that you’ve a salary increase the moment you’re promoted to the next level.

Your ideas about the growth of the company is always welcome
Mercadona is a family run company and would always welcome everybody’s ideas about the growth or improvement of the company. It would always better your talent. Your ideas and talents would always be welcomed since you’re part and parcel of the company.

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