How to Apply For a Job at Rolls Royce United Kingdom

Are you looking on how to you apply for a job at the Rolls Royce car and jet engine manufacturing giant? Well, we have the answer, so keep reading.

Rolls-Royce are world famous for building high-quality and near-silent vehicles. Their cars are of such high quality that they rarely breakdown, in fact 65% of the cars ever made by Rolls Royce are still on the road today. The very first vehicle ever produced by the company is a 1904 model which is still in perfect working condition over a century after it was created.

Brief History Of Rolls Royce

Charles Rolls and Henry Royce in 1904 founded Rolls Royce limited. It started off as a car manufacturing business, but it later diversified in building jet engines. The first car was Rolls Royce that could only produce 10 HP.

In 1907, the Silver ghost was named the best car in the word. The Rolls Royce Eagle was made in 1915. It was not a jet engine per se given that jet engines came soon after World War II.

The Rolls Royce Company went into liquidation in 1971 due to RB211 jet engine problems which led to the company being taken under state ownership. Both Volkswagen and BMW bought parts of Roll Royce in 1998. However, in 2003 there was an agreement that allowed German car company BMW to start producing the car under Rolls Royce name.

Benefits of Working For Rolls Royce

One feature that stands out today about Rolls Royce is that every engine is handmade. In the Global Randstad Award 2016, Rolls Royce was named the best company to work for in Britain. It is said to be a fun environment, have lots of perks, flexible working hours, and you also have the opportunity for moving up in the company.

In essence, work-life balance, job security, management, culture, career progression and job security are some of the benefits that the Derby-based company offers to its over 23,000 employees.

The salary for an intern ranges between £17K and £19K annually while a graduate engineer earns about £28,000/yr.
With that in mind, most people dream of working for Rolls Royce.

How To Apply For A Job At Rolls Royce

Most applications involve filling out education history, personal information, work experience and yes or no answers. Generally, you will spend time answering the reasons why you are motivated to work for Rolls Royce and your chosen program. Also, you will have to tell the hiring team your commitment and interests along with the skills relevant to the programs you are applying for.

Ideally, these questions test quality and the level of your research, motivation, understanding and self-awareness of the role you interested in. Ensure your do due diligence by researching rolls Royce, the program you are applying for and examples of suitable skills and experience you wish to bring on board.

Working for Rolls Royce is an opportunity reserved for people who can prove their worth. It is therefore imperative that you avoid generic responses, text copied online and lack of details.

Good Luck

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