How To Apply For A Job At Tesco In The United Kingdom

Tesco is one of the UK’s largest retailer by sales and also the nation’s biggest private employer so its a good place to look for employment that offers numerous opportunities.

A Brief History Of The Brand Tesco

In the year 1919 Tesco was founded by a 21-year-old young man, who, at the end of the Great War, left the Royal Flying Corp and used his demob cash to purchase his first stock for the store. It was nobody else but Jack Cohen, who gave the first two letters of his surname to the brand.

Having started the business by selling tea as a humble but passionate enterprise, TESCO opened its first supermarket in 1958, in Maldon, Essex.

Fast forward to the ’80s and ’90s: first, the food prices went down on 1,500 products, at the time when “Check-out 82” was published, then the brand had established its “our own-brand healthy eating range”, becoming the first big retailer in the country to start healthy own-brand products at reasonable prices.

Tesco became a corporate brand in time. It has appeared as a socially responsible brand name that works for the national interests. For example, having started a scheme called Computers for Schools, Tesco has raised 185 million pounds worth of material since 1992. In the same decade, Tesco also expanded it`s perimeters into Central Europe and gained recognition on a global scale.

Now, working in 7000 stores around the world and having about 450.000 employees, Tesco is one of the most
wanted companies to be employed in.

How To Apply For A Job At Tesco

There are many job positions currently available at Tesco which includes check-out cashier, customer service, management, delivery drivers, shift leaders and lots more. So before you start you need to consider which position you would prefer to apply for and if you are suitable for that role.

It is easy to search and apply for a job at Tesco, you just have to sign up to You can search for the position that best suites you and you can easily search for the jobs by town, distance, and
job title.

The site also offers a link to Tesco programs where you will be able to see Tesco Apprenticeships, Graduates and Internships programs. It’s a user-friendly website that also includes a useful FAQs page, where you can also find the answers for the processes after signing in, and applying for a job!

The easiest way is to apply online, you must start by filling out an online form and sending off your CV, if accepted you will be called in for an interview.

Another option is to call into you nearest Tesco store and ask if they are currently recruiting.

Benefits Of Working For Tesco

Benefits of being a colleague at Tesco includes bonus plans, informal meeting spaces, project spaces, tea points to make free drinks, health and beauty services (where you can find a nurse, a GP, and a massage therapist), onsite car parking for free, and a shuttle service from the train station, plus lots more.

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