How To Apply For A Job In Sabadell

Sabadell was started some 136 years ago and it would help your profits and dreams come true. In Sabadell we’re 17,000 plus people and we work together so as to accomplish our goals. We’re dedicated, dynamic and work in collaboration and that’s the reason why we are notable across Spain.

We’ve a winning and a long history. We’ve won in the banking industry because Sabadell has combined classical banking with lengthy innovation and growth. Sabadell is a stable brand and in the banking sector; it’s recognized well.

We are committed to manage the interests of our customers. Our customers who exceed 6.5 million admire our satisfactory products.

How do you apply for a job in Sabadell?

In Sabadell we would allow you to grow from an intern to a professional but you’ll have to walk with us so that you achieve this.

You can join us on:

1. Internship scheme
The Sabadell internship scheme is aimed at talented students who are either post-graduate or undergraduates. These students should be willing to add to their studies work experience in our bank’s various sections. The internship scheme takes 500 hours. You can apply for an internship scheme from January to June and sometimes we can extend it for a year. You can go for an internship at our head offices in Madrid, Sant Cugat and Barcelona

2. Talent Graduate scheme
This programme is basically for the latest graduates who are allowed to master everything in the institution well. You’ll be given various duties in your unit and you’ll be responsible for them. In Sabadell you’ll take two years
to finish the scheme.

If you’ve good results in engineering, mathematics, economics, business management and administration, you’re the one we are looking for. Our main goal as Sabadell is to grow your talent for your future employment.

3. Experienced people
If you’re an experienced person in the banking industry, you can submit your CV on our website and then we would look at it keenly. We would go through your CV and we will rank you and call you for an interview. If you get shortlisted after the interview, you have a good job of becoming empoyed by Sabadell.

What are the benefits of working at Sabadell?

As an intern you will gain practical experience through true projects and you’ll have the opportunity to interact with professionals and learn from them.

You’ll have the know-how of the banking sector. After completing your program, you’ll be in a position to select from various career options and this will depend on the area you’ve chosen.

If you ensure that you provide quality service to your customers then you will be looked after by Sabadell.

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