How to Apply for a Tesco Credit Card

If you are looking to apply for a new credit card then we recommend the Tesco credit card, it is easy to apply for and offers great benefits to it`s users.

In this article we will talk about the different stages that you will have to go through in order to get your Tesco credit card. There are three stages to the whole process and if you take our advice and proceed correctly your credit card application will be accepted.

Tesco Bank are currently helping customers spread the cost of their purchases while also offering customers the ability to earn more Clubcard points when they spend, by introducing a new 0% interest Purchase Credit Card offer.

The card is currently one of the most competitive cards available in the market and it offers customers zero percent interest on purchases for up to 30 months, the longest credit card duration for purchases currently available. Combined with the fact it is one of the fastest ways for customers to collect Clubcard points on their spending, making it the most rewarding non-fee credit card for frequent Tesco shoppers.

Before you start the application you need to decide which card is going to be most beneficial to you. There are numerous Tesco Credit Cards currently available so visit their official website and explore to discover which card best suits your needs.

How To Apply For A Tesco Credit Card

The easiest way to apply for a Tesco credit card is to visit the Tesco bank official website and apply online.

Once on the application page you will first have to check that you meet the application requirements, if you do then the next step is choosing your card design and then you can start your application.

The whole process is very simple to use and once completed they will start checking your application. Usually you will get an answer within ten minutes of finishing your application informing you whether you have been approved or not.

What If My Application Is Referred?

In certain cases your application maybe referred which means that the credit card provider needs more information before a decision can be made about your application. This may be due to your application being completed incorrectly or it could mean that there’s not enough information on your credit history. If this happens no need to worry it just means the credit company needs to get in touch to ask for more information.

Benefits Of Having A Tesco Credit Card

When using your Tesco credit card to make purchases you will earn one Clubcard point for every £8 you spend. In addition your card also works as a Tesco clubcard so you can swipe it at any Tesco store to collect Clubcard points but if you use the card to make purchases in any Tesco store you will earn double points. Thus encouraging you to shop more at Tesco stores.

If this card interests you then click here to apply now for a Tesco credit card today and start enjoying the benefits the card has to offer.