How To Apply For Work At Vodafone UK

Vodafone is known as the 4th-largest mobile operator globally by number of users and are constantly recruiting so if you looking for steady job with good benefits then you should consider applying for a job at Vodafone.

The company started back in 1982 as a subsidiary to Racal Electronics, a large manufacturer of radio equipment in the United Kingdom. Then, on 16th September 1991, Racal Telecom became Vodafone Group and separated from Racal Electronics. Since then, Vodafone has been growing and expanding and presently operates mobile networks in 25 countries, while having partnered networks in 47 more.

With such a large size, Vodafone is constantly on the lookout for skilled professionals in a variety of fields. And for many, Vodafone jobs provide a great opportunity to work for an international company.

If you wish to work for Vodafone in the United Kingdom, then the best place to start would be company’s own website, which lists a variety of open jobs in many different fields, ranging from IT, to sales and customer support and corporate jobs. There are also opportunities for fresh graduates and students.

If you decide that you are fit for one of the open spots, then you should send in an online application on Vodafone’s website. It will be reviewed, and if it’s accepted you will be invited for a phone or video interview, depending on the role you’ve applied to.

If you pass it, then you will be invited to a more formal face-to-face interview, where you will be able to present yourself and your skills. If you suitably impress Vodafone’s recruitment team, then you will be offered a job contract, and after usual background checks you will be able to start your career at Vodafone.

Once you start working, you will be welcomed to a skilled and diverse staff. Vodafone takes pride in its diversity, particularly when it comes to gender diversity. Currently, the company aims at becoming the best employer of women by year 2025, which is a hefty goal, but one that company is committed to.

Benefits Of Working For Vodafone

As far benefits go, Vodafone operates a portal for their employees, called MyChoices, which lists all the benefits that Vodafone employees can access. Those benefits come in multiple form, from short-term benefits that make your life easier right now, to ones that aim to secure your future.

The most basic form of benefits is a bundle of retail discounts at a variety of places. If you would rather look into the future, then My Pension program is made for you. It is a salary sacrifice scheme that deducts a certain percentage of your salary each month. This amount then gets doubled by Vodafone and added to your future pension.

Another benefit program that is aimed at the long-term financial benefit is called ShareSave, and allows you to buy Vodafone’s shares at a discounted price.

Overall, Vodafone provides a great place to work for people from different backgrounds and fields.

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