How To Get A Job At Iberia?

If you are wondering how to get a job at Iberia then you have come to the right place, discover the process, benefits and see what job vacancies are currently available at Iberia.

Iberia is one of the oldest airlines in the world; established back in 1927 as the sole provider of airline services in Spain – with a ‘pause’ of 8 years between 1929 and 1937 due to a forced fusion with CLASSA -it remained the most important airline in that country up until now.

Iberia is the company that transports most passengers between Europe and Latin America and is one of the largest and most prestigious airlines in the world, there is no wonder why working for Iberia is an excellent idea.

The only way to apply for a job at Iberia is by filing an electronic application. The basic registration form of
Iberia will require you to provide the following information:

– Name and general data (height, age, date of birth, etc.)
– Spanish Id (either national identification document or foreigners card)
– Nationality
– Contact information
– Level of Spanish, level of English and other languages
– Detailed work experience in other airlines and air-services related certifications

Once you fill this first registration form and depending on which job vacancy announcement you are applying for, other information, documents, and personal interviews – or performing drills in case of pilot or landing track personnel – will be requested by the company. Also, depending on the position, some recruitment processes will last up to 6 months.

Another essential thing to mention is that Iberia’s wages – which includes Iberia itself and its low-cost branches – are among the best for Spaniard airlines. Even though ‘base’ salaries at Iberia are not the highest, the company’s wages policies offer many allowances, compensations, and extra benefits for its workers, increasing their annual income in a significant way.

In addition, job seniority is very valued for the airline; some external reports stand that Iberia’s workers are entitled to a ‘loyalty bonus’ that increases their salary every three years for twelve years and a ‘senior bonus’ for those workers that are 60 years old or more, among other salary benefits.

If you are lucky enough to be recruited by Iberia, the chances are that you will work there for about twelve years. Iberia is not only worried about hiring the best people for the company but also want to help develop their skills
and offer new prospects.

Iberia manages to have the best employees by constantly training them and by providing the most advanced technologies to work with and the latest administration strategies for their employees. Also, at Iberia, you will find a socially responsible company that is committed to offering an inclusive and respectful workplace, with a multicultural environment and equal opportunities for all its workers.