How To Get A Job At Microsoft UK

The story about Microsoft is probably one of the most inspiring one for all the nerds out there ( me
included). Bill Gates actually enrolled into a law school, Harvard, but he never finished the studies. He was
too busy using the school computers for his own purposes.

Being a computer geek, it was only a matter of time when he’ll get a novel idea and make something that will change the world. That’s how Paul Allen and Bill Gates made their company. They named it Microsoft, a combination of microprocesor and software.

Landing a job at Microsoft isn’t an easy feat. It’s not just having a good education or polished resume. They
are looking for more. Use everything you’ve got: network, charm, unusual hobbies, anything that would
make you stand out.

The first step is getting your foot in the door. It’s obvious, but many people don’t do this: find as much
information about the company and it’s mission as possible. Nobody wants to hire people that are not
interested in their job. Know what kind of skills are needed, and point them out in your resume.

Don’t just say you have them; say yours are the best. The next thing you should pay attention to is social media. Use it to your advantage. Everything will be checked: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, everything, so make sure you
present yourself in the best possible way. And if you have any conection to the company, like your cousin’s
hairdresser’s godmother, use it.

Now you’ve got their attention. What next?

Have confidence in your skills. They wouldn’t even consider you if they didn’t think you’re good enough.
And if you don’t know something, don’t worry, people learn their whole life. So show some confidence.
And don’t lie.

You might want to change your personality a bit, hoping to appeal to them, but what they
want is an authentic person. They don’t only look for skills, they look for a great personality. This is where
you use anything that stands out: your sence of humor, your unusual hobbies, anything.

The interview is a two way street. You have to ask questions, too. Not only does it show you came prepared,
but that you are interested in the company and ready to invest your effort. You should ask questions
regarding the microsoft jobs and the people working there, to check if that’s environment you want to spend
your time in.

After the interview, don’t forget a follow up email. That will make them remember you, and you’ll stay in
their good books. Microsoft jobs aren’t easy to get, and you should do everything in your power to be
memorable and meet their criteria.

You should bare in mind that there are various microsoft jobs and divisions, so choose whats best for you.

There are a lot of benefits working for Microsoft, not only prestige and good pay. Those computer geeks are
known for their love of entertainment. They make their workplace a fun place, and they are very innovative
when it comes to this, so if you manage to get a microsoft job, prepare for obligatory fun sessions.

Good Luck

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