How to Land a Job at HSBC, United Kingdom

HSBC is one of the leading banks across the globe so if you are looking to take the next step in your career, HSBC can offer many ways to realize your ambitions.

HSBC is a British multinational banking and financial corporation. It is the seventh largest in the world. The bank was established in March 1865 to foster trade between Asia and Europe. The name HSBC was derived from the initials of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, its founding member.

Now, HSBC has branches in sixty-six countries and territories, dealing with more than thirty nine million clients all over the world.

There are currently 600 HSBC branches in operation in the UK which are continually seeking for new and hard working people to join their team.

HSBC offers a huge range of job opportunities for students and graduates, from work experience and apprenticeships to global internships and entry-level positions. They want candidates who are motivated, curious, courageous, collaborative and dedicated. If that sounds like you, then continue.

How To Apply For A Job At HSBC

Landing HSBC jobs will require you to follow the steps given below:

1. Available HSBC jobs can be viewed at their UK website or on other job-hunting websites such as Indeed, etc. HSBC has its own job portal. To apply for HSBC jobs, you must first make an account on this portal.
Make sure you CV is fully updated and polished as the hiring committee will go over this document very carefully.

2. After you have found your desired job position, log into your account and complete the online application. Triple check for mistakes. Before you start your application, it is advisable to prepare documents like work certificates, education certificates, tax returns, etc.

3. The HR department will send you links to complete online assessments which will help them determine your suitability for the role you have applied for. You will be given a fixed time period to complete these. Do not start the assessment before you have finished the practice questions.

4. If you are successful, you will be contacted for a telephone and face-to-face interview. Prepare for both equally well. You will be asked to talk about specific situations where you have demonstrated particular skills listed in your CV.

5. Once you receive a job offer, you will be required to give the bank your consent to conduct a background check on you. These checks can take up to two months sometimes. After the bank is satisfied that you are a genuine employee, they will give you a date to start working.

As you can see, applying for HSBC jobs in the United Kingdom is a lengthy process but worth the effort. HSBC is no doubt one of the best banks to work for as it offers a number of benefits. It is non-discriminatory and hire employees regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

Employees enjoy competitive pay, annual vacations and monetary awards based on performance. HSBC also boasts of a flexible working environment, where employees are given the option to work from home or work during unconventional hours.

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