Top 10 Best Credit Cards Available In The UK

A credit card is a very powerful and crucial thing, especially if you are a teen or in your 20’s. However, there are a lot of companies which are issuing credits cards.

Therefore, it’s crucial you take your time and research about different credit cards before applying for one. This is because a good credit card can help you save your money. Also, it can help establish and build a good credit history.

If you are in the UK then, you are in luck. This is because, after extensive research, we have been able to come up with the top 10 credit cards in the UK. Below is our list.

M & S Shopping Plus Credit Card

As the name suggests, this is currently the best shopping credit card in the United Kingdom. This is because it offers you 20 free months without paying any interest. In short, within the first 20 months, you will be paying 0% interest. Despite the credit card coming with 500 points voucher, you will earn one point each time you spend £1 on Marks and Spencers. Also, you will earn a point each time you purchase goods worth £5 anywhere else.

Platinum Barclaycard.

This is another impressive credit card. Unlike most credit cards, Barclaycard offers balance transfer transactions at a reduced cost. In addition, the card offers a 6 months 0% interest. Finally, this credit card has an entertainment scheme from which you can purchase tickets at a low cost.

M & S Reward Plus Credit Card.

This is another good credit card from Marks and Spenser’s. Unlike the shopping plus credit card, this card offers 2 reward points for each £1 you spend in M&S and each £5 you spend anywhere else. Apart from coming with 500 voucher points, you will also earn 2000 bonus points after using it for 90 days. Finally, this credit card offers a 0% interest for all purchases and balance transfers for 20 months.

Santander Everyday Credit Card

This is a cashback credit card. Despite the card offering 3 months free interest period for purchases, the card
offers 18 months interest-free period of balance transfers. Having in mind that this is a cashback credit card, the card offers cashback rewards to different companies. Some of these companies are subway, costa coffee and Morrison’s.

NatWest Credit Card

This credit card is characterized as a good, take everywhere card. This is because it doesn’t charge any fee on foreign transactions. In addition, the credit card has a very low standard annual percentage rate. Despite being very versatile, this is currently the best traveling credit card in the UK. This is because it doesn’t charge any money on balance transfer. Lastly, it doesn’t charge an annual fee.

Tesco Credit Card

If you are looking forward to rebuilding your credit, this is the right credit card for you. Despite offering you access to credit, this credit card also offers you free access to various premium services. The Tesco bank foundation credit card also allows you to access a lot of Tesco Clubcard benefits. Since this credit card is a credit rebuilder, it charges a very low annual percentage rate.

MBNA Long Credit Card.

This is one of the best money transfer credit cards in the UK. This is because it charges no interest on balance transfers for 12-24 months. In addition, the card doesn’t charge an annual fee and it charges a very low representative annual percentage rate.

National Wide Credit Card.

This is a versatile or all-around credit card. This is because it offers a 0% interest rate on both balance transfers and purchases for a period of 12 months. Despite offering a minimum credit of £500, this card doesn’t charge an annual fee.

HSBC Advance Credit Cards.

This is one of the best business credit cards in the UK. Despite offering a 0% interest rate on purchases for 32 months, these credit cards offer £25 money back bonus. Although the card charges a small registration fee, it doesn’t charge an annual fee.

Bank Of Scotland Credit Card.

This is also another good business credit card. This is due to the fact that it offers a 0% interest rate on all
purchases and balance transfer for a period of 20 months. Despite offering these benefits, the card doesn’t charge an annual fee.