You Brave Enough To Try These Crazy Adventure Holidays?

These adventure holidays are some of the most radical experiences you can ever have. Question is, are you brave enough to try them?

1. Feeding Great White Sharks

I think we need a bigger boat and a clean pair of pants.

2. Having A Meal In The Clouds

What an experience dinning in the sky, might be an idea not to get too drunk or it could trigger vertigo.

3. Bungee Jumping Of Bridges

It’s just a leap of faith!! Faith in the guy that he tied your rope knots properly.

4. Terrifying Tight Rope Walking

Just keep your balance or you may end up having a closer look at the amazing scenery.

5. Adventure Holidays

Why not do something a little risque on your vacation and it will probably turn out to be one of the most memorable ever.

6. Extreme Spelunking

Discover somewhere that no man has ever ventured.

7. Extreme Tree Climbing

Can you imagine the awesome views to be had at the top of these enormous trees.

8. Exploring Ice Caves

This holiday adventure may put chills up your spine so be sure to rap up warm.

9. Kayaking On Crazy Rough Rivers

Hold your breath and hold on tight!!

10. Frozen Waterfall Climbing

Frozen waterfalls are an incredible sight and to climb them would be one hell of an adventure, if you are brave enough.

11. Camping On The Side Of Cliffs

This adventure takes all the courage you can muster, just hope you don’t sleep walk.

12. Extreme Cycling

One false move and it’s game over for this adventure.

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